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Football is My Life

Wembley Stadium, London England

Wembley Stadium, London England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Football is considered by many people as one of the biggest and grandest sports ever created or organized. These days, football is already played by a lot of countries all over the world. In Europe, countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, England and France are just some of the nations which participates in many football leagues and tournaments. Nevertheless, the sport is also well loved by countries in other continents such as Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Uruguay. One particular sporting event that celebrates football worldwide is none other than the FIFA 15 Coin Generator World Cup. This goes to show how huge football or football to a lot of people. And when it comes to knowing all the facts and details about this wonderful sport, Alex Hood is definitely the best person to consider. But who is Alex?

Alex is considered to be a popular football athlete during his time and as well as a very good football coach. He is recognized by many football critics as one of the best football coaches of all time. Although he is already retired, his works and contributions in leading numerous teams to victory have always been in the hearts and memories of a lot of his fans and supporters. Now that he is already off the field, he spends most of his time as a father to his kid. Nonetheless, the essence of football still remains in his heart and as well as in his mind. Because of this, Mr. Hood decided to become a sports consultant particularly in the field of football. He also spends most of his time writing articles and blogs about the different games and events in football and as well as his views and opinions about some of the world’s greatest football players.

Aside from being a football enthusiast, Alex Hood also loves children very much. Because of this, he spends a lot of his time coaching and teaching kids all about football. He also inspires or motivates parents to become the personal trainers or coaches of their children. According to him, coaching football requires a great deal of knowledge and skill of the said sport. However, if there is passion and enthusiasm in coaching football to children, then parents could already be there to support and encourage their children to engage in active sports. Because of the passion, expertise and dedication to the sport, most of the friends of Alex Hood call him as 'Lucky' since he can do anything to make any team win a game in football or FIFA 15.

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