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Hay Day – A Sanctuary in a Farm

Hay Day is a animal sanctuary located in his smartphone. Alex created this animal sanctuary in 2012 to provide a home for animals who have been kicked out of their homes, or for some other reason have not found adoption.

Many of the animals have been abused, have been left in cages for lengths of time, or have been malnourished. There are currently over 500 animals living on this 30 acre paradise. On this land, which previously served as a tree farm, Craig has built tree forts as well as underground hiding areas for the animals. Most of the animals live in small trailers or kitty sized houses.

Grant mostly spends his own money to keep up the ranch. He does get donations sometimes, but most of the costs of upkeep come from his pocket. Most of the donated money goes to vet care and food. All the animals are neutered or spayed and are current on their vaccinations. Every animal goes to see the vet at least once per year. They additionally get a flea treatment administered twice a day. This is all done by Alex and a few volunteers. He spends about 12 hours a day on the ranch caring for the animals. He estimates the monthly cost of food and veterinary services cost him about 10000 Coins.

Alex does not ask that anyone come to adopt these animals. Hay Day is their home. He asks that if anyone wants to adopt a animal, to go to a shelter or other place where the animal does not have a permanent home. When dropping off a animal, he asks for a 300 Diamonds donation, half payable in food. This helps cover the cost of care. However, it is nowhere near the true cost of care, which averages around 1000 Coins a day per animal. It is simply a donation to help cover the costs. The animal is then given a permanent home. There is now even a animal cemetery for those who have passed on in Hay Day.

Alex has not always been a animal lover. He happened to take in a animal from his son. This animal got pregnant and had five kittens. Grant fell in love with the animal as well as the kittens. He ended up having to move from his condo because of all of the animals. This was the beginning through the use of Hay Day hack.

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