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Nigeria Political News Headlines Today

"THE JUDICIARY IS MY Problem." Those have been the words of President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria inside a latest press conference outside the house the shores of Nigeria, as he reviewed the road blocks in Nigeria's current anti-corruption campaign, which can be currently being executed by his authorities. And, bang! All hell appeared to break unfastened in Nigeria, and Nigerians are already hipping criticisms on Mr. President ever given that. Brain you, the avalanche of criticisms isn't to say that Nigerians aren't aware that Nigeria's judiciary is awash with corrupt judges and unscrupulous lawyers; no sir!

Each and every Nigerian is aware of this truth. The issue is Mr. President committed a big Nigerian taboo, just because he challenged the Nigerian standard hypocrisy of "see-evil-but-speak-no-evil," that has bedeviled the nation to get a very long time! Nigeria's 'corrupt class' succeeded some time back again to plant this disgraceful hypocrisy in Nigerians as a way to keep us their fools permanently. They commit all way of atrocities, after which turn all around and notify us that we are not designed to discuss the atrocities to ensure we may not "embarrass" the country in the global group. Since they generally place it-we have to not "wash our filthy linens in general public." They deploy their propaganda equipment, and, before you decide to realize it, we've been all castigating any individual that criticizes their evil deeds!

It's truly laughable to mention that President Buhari is washing Nigeria's soiled linens in community. Howdy, folks, I say towards the gullible Nigerians; we seem to be forgetting something here; that the individuals in the world tend not to require Mr. President to tell them that lots of Nigerian judges are corrupt. They currently know this through the several means of communication that exist these days; no surprise, present day entire world is explained as being a global village! In fact, dwelling in Texas, United states, I frequently obtain information out of Nigeria extended before a few of my pals who live in Nigeria determine what is occurring. Yes without a doubt, the globe watches daily as Nigeria's high-powered corruption cases end up in disgraceful, clearly corrupt judgments and sentences! And, that is definitely hampering Nigeria's anti-corruption war as pointed out by President Buhari, time period! But, rather than demand from customers the heads of the errant judges and unscrupulous attorneys that thwart and pervert the law on the platter, Nigerians are shamelessly condemning anyone that speaks out against their evil deeds.

Have you ever taken your time and effort to consider deeply about Nigeria being rated among the globe most corrupt nations of the world? Our authorities is occupied celebrating the information that transparency global rank Nigeria as 136 most corrupt nations inside the world an advancement from her earlier 3rd placement a long time before. What an irony!!

Overall Fertility Prices (TFR) according to the Countrywide Inhabitants Commission has dropped marginally from 6.3 30 a long time ago to 5.7 in 2012. This means that a mean Nigerian would produce offspring in his / her life span. Rural girls have a very fertility rate of in comparison to four.9 for city women. Interestingly, guys in Nigeria want much more kids that ladies. An average married male "ideally" needs 10.6 children whilst married females want 7.three kids. At Nigeria is the 13th greatest while in the world although Niger is amount a single at seven.03. If Nigeria would be to obtain an once-a-year progress rate of just 2% by 2015 as said in the Country Population Policy, 2004, Nigeria's TFR wants for being considerably reduced.

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